Hypnosis, subliminal and sleep learning recordings. 1000+ premade. Custom made with your suggestions. Guaranteed. Since 1981. FREE hypnosis spiral. Catalog.

Hypnosis, subliminal and sleep learning recordings since 1981.
1000+ premade and custom made with your suggestions.

1000+ titles refined since 1981. Using your suggestions and your music. Combines the power of hypnosis, subliminal and sleep learning into the STATE OF THE ART. FAR more effective than ordinary recordings, my recordings are the INVOCATION of a POST HYPNOTIC CUE. 100% money back. No hidden fees. No reason needed. 100% privacy in EVERY way. You will save money if you get the 4 STEP SYSTEM. The most practical book on hypnosis and self-hypnosis I am aware of. It has more than 200 applications clearly outlined.

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professional hypnotic spiral

Laser printed with black ink on bright white 8.5 by 11 inch heavy poster board, you cut to fit. High quality detail allows you to have it enlarged. The spiral hard copy is approximately 8 inches in diameter. Play spiral on a phonographic turntable at 33 RPM or rotate by hand.
See spiral hard copy offered here.
Comes with instructions.
$28 each.

See spiral CD ROM offered here.
Comes with instructions.
$38 each.


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